you are not alone..

Maret 13, 2008

Saya berusaha menelusuri jejak persahabatan saya dan Kemal di dalam dunia maya, mencari sisa-sisa chat archive yang tersisa di dalam laptop, but instead I just found something that is really meaningful (and give me the same feeling even when I read it over and over again..)

sender : kemal supelli

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 3:56:11 AM
To: Meity

Attached file : Embrace – You are not alone

A song to cheer your day up.. no, you’re not alone
cause everyone who’s out there’s on there own
but you were always the same
tryin to be like no ones ever been
you try so hard you get it wrong
you can’t deny the feeling’s gone
its time you took a look at what you need
so keep holding on and time will come
you’ll jump right up
and find you’re back on top of the world
chin up.. bcoz you are not alone indeed =)


Thanks Mal, for being there when I was cracking down to the earth and crying like hell (yeah well, of course when I am happy and smiling until all of my teeth are dry). You are just a friend that I need and damn you know it well (I hope I am being a good friend also). hehehe. I hope that this friendship would last until I close my eyes and never open it again.

Well, that’s what friends are for. To give wings when the others had fallen. And yes Mey, you are too.. a good friend indeed.


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