and there she was, at West 54th Street

Maret 24, 2008

There is this great Indonesian singer, who is well-known around the world (i suppose) since she decided to move to France and live there. Her name is Anggun, her voice amazed me every single time. Clearly that her voice is not just the same as other’s, she has this unique tone inside her voice. Each and everytime she sings, I always feel as if she told us to shut up and listen, her eyes are sharp and it goes through your brain and heart. Her face is exotically beautiful. And there she was, singing at West 54th Street, USA. Well, how many Indonesian singer has been there? Yahaa..not much. 😛

Very proud of her, I hope I can see her live in Paris next time. 😉

Kuharap mentari pagi, tak menyambutku
Kuharap sinar rembulan, tutup mataku… selamanya
Sejak kau pergi, tinggalkan bumi, tinggalku di sini
Turunkan matahari
Usir bintang-bintang
Shun the stars away
Putarkan utara ke selatan
Untuk apa lagi semuanya
Ambillah jiwa retak ini, ku tak ingin lagi
Putuskan ari-ari bumi, aku ingin pergi
Menuju abadi…selamanya

by the way, this video is old, of you want to see her new performances please just go to Youtube. hehehe.


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