an update ’bout midnite coffee club

Januari 17, 2009

Dear oh dear readers…

It’s been a while since our last update, i guess..

It’s not because we don’t have any stupid stories in between, nor because there’s nothing interesting. It’s simply because we are just too lazy to write. Opening this window where you have a blank white and grey screen is just not that fun. So, I kinda think…maybe it’s nice to write about our private update..

Me, now back in the Netherlands and temporarily live with Kemal and Chakee in Diemen, Noord-Holland. I am finishing up my last report (from the last internship in Unilever) and planning to transfer my study to Sweden next semester. I went through a long-thinking period before I finally came up with that decission, the reason is personal. My social life been fun, other than normal-daily-basis conversation with the housemate (Chakee, Kemal, Farrah, Akbar and Bacum – oh and Kelzo the cat) I live in a virtual life where I interact with people through websites and online messenger. Sounds pretty pathetic but it is not that bad, especially when I realized that I only have few realiable friends here in this city. Sometimes I went out to the centre by myself and walking around the city, as I always do. It’s still fun and enjoyable. Hopefully I am going to start a new music experience starting this weekend. My music still about jazz and still stick playing with Aras. Since I have no place to live and no place to work, I registered to one website where you can find a family who needs an au pair. For some of you who doesn’t know what it is, au pair is basically a nanny – a mother help. I will have to help a family taking care of their children and doing a light house work. I will have to work 25-30 hours per week and have an accomodation provided by the family. They also give a pocket money usually. Some of you might wonder why do I take this job. Well, first of all I baby-sat once a while back then, and it was not that bad. Second of all, it just a great way to find a new experience since I have this long break from school.  This far, I have four potential families -and in a process to sort them into one. Two of them are in U.K. (London and Leicester), one in Denmark and one in the Netherlands. I think that was it.

Oh no, I forgot to mention.. in between those activities.. I found myself a boyfriend. We’re kinda still in a process to make this long distance relationship work out.. may be after that I could write something about him. 😉

Now..move on to Kemal.. Where is he?

Good news for all of you, Kemal is still here alive and breathing. He is still the same wonderful person to talk to, same person who’s great in thinking and everything. He’s still the same old Kemal you guys know..only better.

He’s now working for Corus as an Internee and planning to graduate in March ’09. You guys remember corus right? (read: Kita Berteman Aja Deh Ya..) I forgot when and how, we’ll ask him that next time. He’s now a 8-5 employee (with an addition of 1,45 hours of travelling) from Monday to Friday. Other than that, I think he is living a life as a great boyfriend (of Chakee) and great friend. Sometimes he’ll take us around and take pictures and the rest of the time you can find him fooling around with Kelzo the cat. I know Kemal has this big plan inside his head but I don’t think you guys should know about it, just yet. Let’s just hope he’d get his writing-mood back soon (for us).

I think that was it..

oh ya, I’m thinking to get another tattoo on my upper back this month. I was thinking to have my initials, and a traditional symbol from West Java or Middle Java, so if there’s anyone has any idea or pic..please inform me 🙂 I would be glad to have any kind of suggestion (except the suggestion of not to have one because now you are all too late)




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