Kharisma Abdillah Putra

Maret 16, 2009

Since last month, I’ve been living in Amsterdam, well – not in Amsterdam actually but Diemen. Sounds familiar? Yes, Diemen is where Chakee and Kemal live. Weird though, even now we’re closer than ever – we rarely see each other again. Chakee is working (for internship) at Leo Burnett and Kemal is still hanging at Corus.

I spend my day mostly in the living room. The couch is my bed. I have everything I need on the table, my laptop, my mobile, a glass of tea, marlboro menthol, you name it. Usually I am alone until 6 or 7 in the evening, Reza will come from work and asked if I cook something for dinner (he’s my fans in this house). After Reza came home, we’re going to have a talk about this and that until 3 in the morning.

Sometimes, we have another friend who lingers here in the living room. A couple days ago, he stayed and spent some nights because the electricity in the house went off. He is sometimes just sit there (on the other couch) and watch TV to give me a company. His name is Kharis. He has this unique daily life, not too different from me (who sometimes sleep once in two days) – in the day he will be sleeping if he’s not at school, and in the night he is awake. See? He has a girlfriend in Indonesia (which I expected as the reason of that daily schedule). He’s funny – nice – and ask lot of questions.. and this is him (enjoying dinner)..



Satu Tanggapan to “Kharisma Abdillah Putra”

  1. panji arief akbar Says:

    hi kharisma, saya panji
    boleh tanya2 ttg universitas disana?
    aku ada face book nih panji arief akbar
    atau km mgkn punya email juga atau facebook?

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